Legal responsibility—We must achieve the law stated, it is the foundation and bottom line of enterprise survival.
Product responsibility: Strict comply with product safety, health and national mandatory standard.
Staff responsibility: Strictly comply with the safety and health, <Labor law> and other laws and regulations.
Ratepaying responsibility:Strictly comply with relevant national tax law.
Environmental protection responsibility: Strictly comply with environmental protection laws and regulations.
Development responsibility—Enterprise need to accomplish harmonious and sustainable development, let employees have a good development at the same time, both the development of the career and human aspects of the development of cultivate one's morality
Product Innovation: Create value for customers, improve the quality of life and to promote social development
Employee Development: Training employees having both ability and political integrity, to let the employees get healthy growth and development
Harmonious development: Pay attention to the harmonious relationship between enterprise and and the person of the same occupation.
Sustainable development: Make morality as the first, hearts oriented, to pursue enterprise’s sustainable development.
Moral responsibility—Commercial morality: Comply with the company commercial code of conduct and employee commercial code of conduct.
Win-win thinking: Pay attention to enterprise. employee. supplier .customers. government and community on the basis of mutual benefit.

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